Staffordshire Share-a-Lift

Staffordshire Share-a-Lift
Staffordshire Share-a-Lift

Information for employers

What's it all about?

The aim of Staffordshire Share-a-Lift is to enable and encourage people who are making similar journeys at similar times to share a car instead of travelling separately in two vehicles.

Why would my organisation want to be involved?

Five good reasons for joining Staffordshire Share-a-Lift:

Will it cost me anything?

No, it's all free.

What marketing material is available?

We currently provide

Why do I need to register my organisation?

How do I register my organisation?

Please complete this form and we will send further information.

Better yet, email us at: and we can contact your employer on your behalf or provide a resource pack for you to use in presenting the benefits of joining to your employer and organisation.

If your organisation is outside the Staffordshire Share-a-Lift area and you are interested in joining or setting up a lift share scheme, whether for a region or for a single employer, please contact Jambusters Ltd

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