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Staffordshire Share-a-Lift
Staffordshire Share-a-Lift

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"Small changes can make a big difference"

Tamworth Borough Council fully supports Staffordshire Share-A-Lift. By joining the scheme you can help the environment and save money too.

Local Public Transport and Parking


Walking is a mode of transport that is non-polluting, doesn't use up natural resources yet is highly efficient. Regular walking is important in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, and in the retention of function in late middle age and beyond.

There is a consensus that regular moderate physical activity as part of the daily routine can provide the greatest health benefit - walking to work could support this basic level of activity.

The psychological benefits are also well documented. Research shows that those who are physically active have enhanced moods, higher self-esteem, greater confidence in their ability to perform tasks requiring physical activity and demonstrate better cognitive functioning.

You only need to walk for 30 minutes on most days of the week to get health benefits from walking - increasing information shows you can do it in 10 minutes sessions and still get the full benefit.


Cycling is efficient, healthy and does not harm the environment. Travel costs are low and traffic jams can often be avoided.

Cycling regularly, even short distances, can lead to greatly improved aerobic fitness, reduce obesity, reduce the risk of heart disease and make you more alert. The National Heart Forum for Coronary Heart Disease tells us that "people who cycle regularly enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person 10 years younger".

Road Works

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