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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lift sharing? top

It is when two or more people decide to travel to work together in one car rather than separately. It is really aimed at getting vehicles off the roads by increasing the number of people in each car.

How does lift sharing work? top

Once you have completed the registration form the details will be entered into the Share-a-Lift database, producing a list of suitable sharers; people to pick up on the way or who live near you and who meet the criteria you have requested. From this list it is then up to you to contact each other and formulate a lift share agreement that is convenient to you all.

You do not have to over commit yourself at this stage. One option is to set a trial period and a date to review the feelings of all parties. This will enable you to stop sharing at this point if the arrangement doesn't suit any or some of the parties involved.

Why should I consider lift sharing? top

Below are some of the many reasons:

  • reduce congestion and save valuable time at the beginning and end of the day
  • reduce fuel costs and parking charges by sharing the day-to-day expenses
  • reduce the mileage and everyday wear and tear on your vehicle
  • reduce traffic pollution and help contain the increasing pressure on the local community and environment
  • enjoy a more sociable and less stressful way of travelling.

What about sharing costs? top

If you find a method which works particularly, please email the scheme administrator with details. These can then be added to the list of suggestions.

  • On a reciprocal basis, where you drive one week and the next week your lift share partner drives
  • If there is only one driver then he/she may charge their passengers for the journey: we currently recommend that 10-15p per mile is a fair contribution, plus splitting any parking fee equally, as long as you don't charge your passengers more than the running costs of the vehicle.

What about insurance? top

You must be fully insured and it is advisable to inform your insurance company that you are registered in a lift share scheme. This should not incur additional costs. Most insurance policies cover you to carry passengers on your journey to work, as long as you don't charge your passengers more than the running costs of the vehicle.

Do I have to share everyday? top

No, the registration form includes a section that enables you to choose the days that you want to share.

Why should I join Staffordshire Share-a-Lift rather than other schemes? top

As an employer:

  • Staffordshire Share-a-Lift is FREE to join for all employers and employees in the Staffordshire area
  • Employers joining Share-a-Lift can choose to have open or closed schemes and their logo displayed on their pages, at no additional cost.
  • Staffordshire Share-a-Lift can also offer be-spoke sites at a small additional charge
  • Share-a-Lift covers all employers and employees in the Staffordshire area so your employees are more likely to find matches

What if I lift share and have to leave work suddenly? top

If you have to leave work suddenly, and are a passenger, many employers have agreed to provide a lift or taxi to your home. This is also the case for any passenger whose driver has to leave unexpectedly. Check with your Share-a-Lift representative for details.

What happens if I am the driver and am sick? top

You must contact your lift share partner(s) as soon as possible so that they can make alternative arrangements. As a passenger it is also essential for you to let the driver know you are ill so that they know not to wait if you are not at your pick up point.

What happens if I find that lift sharing doesn't suit me? top

If you find that lift sharing does not suit you, you can stop at any time

I work shifts. Can I still share? top

Yes, lift sharing is flexible. If you work irregular hours, we will put you in touch with employees who work similar hours to you.

I only have use of the car occasionally. Can I still share? top

Yes, the system will match you on appropriate days.

How can I plan a journey using public transport? top

Visit You can plan your journey for door to door and compare car/train/bus/plane times and distances.

If you have any more comments or questions please email the Share-a-Lift Administrator and we can include answers to any frequently asked questions for other users.

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